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Not a man, but a true pussy

Been way too long since i last posted. As a sissy, i need to journal at least 3 times a week, to document my slutty activities and such.

My happiness and sluttyness go hand in hand, as does my full realization that im NOT a man in any way shape or form, never was and never wanted to be.

Ive loved cock since i was 9 years old, ill never forget tasting my schoolmates big brothers cock, looking back it felt so natural on my knees even then.

In hindside ive been a cockloving pussy ever since, blowing my step brother, 2 hs football teammates, becoming an adult bookstore/park slut at 18, blowing my ex father inlaw and his buddy for years.

Oh i denied loving cock for years, only to end up back at the park or abs gagging on cock and taking facials.

My ex knew i sucked cock occasionally, but didnt know i was at the abs 3-4 days a week, sometimes 2-3 times a day. She was a whore herself and when shed fuck, id go suck cock.

After several years my ex dressed me and i called a buddy to come feed me. I couldnt beleive she was watching me suck cock…after he came down my throat she giggled and said..”you suck cock like a girl, so u shall be trained to become a femmed sissy”.

She swore she wanted a sissy and i loved the idea..i continued going to the abs , eventually nearly every night and brought home a black stud who fucked me bareback in front of her, this began my love of black men. He liked my ass and would meet me at the park to fuck me 1-2 times a week and shortly after being used by 2 of the exes black men she repented and divorced…after showing her family video of me being a bitch for her bbcs.

It was rough raising a kid while i continued my developement to full fledged cockwhore, id meet guys at the abs, parks and even in my apt parkinglot. The guy would come feed me his cock and kept telling me to embrace being a faggot, buying me huge dildoes, slutty outfits and such til moving away.

My kid was then in highschool so i had more time to slut for cock, driving to minneapolis to meet black men every weekend and had given up on women, til i met a lady whom saw my fetlife pics. I admitted to being a sissyfag for cock and she said shed continue femming me if i taught her how to deepthroat,

This was 8 years ago, i now have big tits, a womans body, am locked and plugged nearly 24/7. She is my lesbian fag hag and im her bitch. I fist and eat her cunt drink her squirt and she has trained me to have multiple sissygasms from intense tit play and penetration of my sissy pussy. My clitty stays limp and leaks and im still an abs/park and bbc whore.

Other than my lesbian sex w my lady im gayer than gay and adore black cock, alpha cock and anonymous cock as well. Ive been outed by coworkers, ladys coworkers and am getting a rep as a great piece of sissy ass in town and never been happier!

I know my place is serving my lady and all cock im offered and cant get enough!

Hired party sissy.

What fun this would be! I go to the abs like this all the time but to do parties would be so so sweet


I was very horny and when I get horny I get eagerly submissive. I went to the video booths of the adult bookstore, quickly stripped off my outer clothes and stood in a booth wearing nothing but a corset and tiny string bikini panties with black stockings. This is the first time I had ever done such a thing. Small as the panties were, they still could completely cover my little cock.  I left the door open an inch or two and stood and waited. Soon the door opened and a man was standing there. He didn’t say a word, didn’t come in, didn’t close the door. He just looked me up and down and I knew he could see my small erection pointing out in my panties. The thought only made my cock throb harder being exposed for anyone walking by to see. He left the door open wide and…

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Sissygasms, 97 second bjs and more sissification

I keep going down the rabbithole of pure femininity and i just love it!

Ive found that when i cannot relax late at night and my lady is resting, i can get my big black dildo out and ride til i have multiple yummy sissygasms as my clitty drips constantly til i squirt sissyjuice very em

My lady also let me leave to give a guy head and i got him off in 97 seconds…i love being able to get guys off quick but 97 seconds, is barely worth it…im not even warmed up yet lol

My lady also fucked me real good and made my eyes roll in back of head last weekend. Gotta say that i dont miss male orgasms at all and the more sissygasms i have the more pussified i feel and im loving that as well!

We are out of town this weekend and my lady is on her monthly😪, so im not able to eat her luscious pussy..without that it seems my thoughts turn to wanting to suck cock for her and especially get my asspussy fucked while she watches/vids.

Id love to find a blackman to put me thru the paces as she watches/vids and tells him to use her bytch ending with me milking his cock and being bred by him.

If that fails maybe i will see if i can put feelers out for the abs and suck a few cocks while she shops. I love telling her about it while reeking of cock and cum.

I think ill get tits out and chat a bit w her n see what she will allow. All week ive had dreams of being fucked in front of her…

To b continued…

Summer of femiminity




This summer has been a summer of more discovery of how much i love being my ladys bitch and how much  i love putting makeup on, and get it my girly clothes.

While still not able to dress 100% due to work, summer family visits and weekly kid supper visits, im now able to come home and get myself girly after work and every weekend. Id say 75% of the time.

I find myself going to the store with makeup on, short shorts and all different types of ladys tops showing my tits and nipples poking thru.

Years ago i could never have done this but ive found the more i unlock my true self, the more i truly dont care who sees me and have noticed peoples reactions in public as well as having several coworkers and friends fush for more about me with comments about toenail polish, non hairy legs, tits and even if i am wearing makeup. My lady even thinks most of her family has figured out im her sissybitch!

I would have went into hiding before, but now know that yes, i am  a sissybitch who loves dolling up and showing off her assets and serve my beautiful lady and continue becoming the best fem sissybitch possible. Knowing this not only keeps me on my journey it feeds my confidence as well as a mindset of…(i am who and what i am, deal with it or get away from me).

My lady finds this very hot and has increased her fuckings of my sissy pussy with her strapon fist and huge dildoes as well as even more use and abuse of my tits and nipples. My clitty continuously drips and leaks, leaving my panties soaked and wet spots…my lady sees this and nearly orgasms from it. Seeing her reactions makes me want more of all of the above plus stokes my fires and need of black men.

We met with a gorgeous black mana few weeks ago. We double teamed his cock balls and ass. I lubed my ladys ass with my tongue and licked his balls and ass while he fucked her ass, cleaning his gorgeous cock after he filled ladys ass and cleaning ladys ass as well.

He was on a time limit and didnt get to breed my ass, but are getting ready to plan another meeting. If we cant get a date soon i will see if the other couple black men ive discovereed in the mlps area recently are available. My goal is to get 2-3 black men together with my lady and i and let them have at me and my lady. I absolutely love serving black men with her and getting bred while she watches takes pics or vid

So true! I started chastity around the time i began being bred by bbc and learned to have multiple sissygasms. This along with my ladies titwork and a few herbs daily had me craving sissygasms by penetration of my asspussy by bbc strapons dildoes and fists…3 years later ive fully embraced being a fem sissy slut, the fake male ego fucked out of me, replaced by full 38c tits, curves in all the right places, soft feminine touch thoughts and mannerisms AND a need to submit to real men and all black men.
My asspussy was made to be bred by all black men mouth made to suck all alpha cock. I am a sissy bitch whore and im blessed!