24/7 fem housebitch…!

Its been another crazy few months since ive wrote, between the busy holiday season with family coming and going, winter setting in and life in general, ive not been able to update as ive wanted to. Im happy to say this will be changing❤️🦄

After 8 years at my employment, i was unceremoniously releived of my duties. Im thinking that it most likely due to rumors about me and my ever changing “look” as well. I felt it coming thru the holidays, so it wasnt a shock at all. Turns out it was another blessing.

The job was a very masculine manly job and i had been wanting to find something more feminine and less demanding anyway and was able to have a bit of cushion to do just that. As ive looked for the past 2-3 weeks, ive also got to be the housebitch, cooking and cleaning around the house and almost immediately found myself living 24/7 in my girly clothes, putting makeup on to  leave the house to run errands etc and greet my lady when she got home each day.

After the first week both my lady and i agreed that i should look for a more fem parttime job and work partime at home and eventually work from home if possible and be 24/7 housebitch. Each day my lady makes sure that im licked and plugged before leaving for work. Complete and utter clarity, feminity and yes an even deeper submission have replaced another of the last pieces of “masculinity” residing in my mind. All i can say is good riddance!!

Im now focusing on letting my femininity fully blossom 100%, doing this has led to future opportunities to mentor sissies struggling to embrace their true selves, my  submissive nature, my ladies own blossoming as a Mistress/slut, as well as a full and complete understanding that im a true shemale, sissy or 3rd gender as i call it.

Accepting my sexuality, has made me more caring, stable loving and more in everyday life and is a true blessing…and i havent even touched on the complete full body sissygasms im able to have, for now ill just say this…there isnt enough money in the world to make me go back to the fake facade so called man society tried to make me be or to the “manly” orgasms…sorry society but ill take the sexy soft pussified sissy slut thats cock has been turned into a clit and has a “pussy” that NEEDS penetrated and the sissy thats tits and pussy look like feel like and respond just like a genetic females do.

Next time, its all bout sissygasms, being bitched by my lady and serving her,my huge toys, black men and my cravings for my ladys squirt, cocks and cum



Sissygasms, 97 second bjs and more sissification

I keep going down the rabbithole of pure femininity and i just love it!

Ive found that when i cannot relax late at night and my lady is resting, i can get my big black dildo out and ride til i have multiple yummy sissygasms as my clitty drips constantly til i squirt sissyjuice everywhere..so very intense..love em

My lady also let me leave to give a guy head and i got him off in 97 seconds…i love being able to get guys off quick but 97 seconds, is barely worth it…im not even warmed up yet lol

My lady also fucked me real good and made my eyes roll in back of head last weekend. Gotta say that i dont miss male orgasms at all and the more sissygasms i have the more pussified i feel and im loving that as well!

We are out of town this weekend and my lady is on her monthly😪, so im not able to eat her luscious pussy..without that it seems my thoughts turn to wanting to suck cock for her and especially get my asspussy fucked while she watches/vids.

Id love to find a blackman to put me thru the paces as she watches/vids and tells him to use her bytch ending with me milking his cock and being bred by him.

If that fails maybe i will see if i can put feelers out for the abs and suck a few cocks while she shops. I love telling her about it while reeking of cock and cum.

I think ill get tits out and chat a bit w her n see what she will allow. All week ive had dreams of being fucked in front of her…

To b continued…

Alliej’s Saturday night bitching

My lady has begun my saturday night bitching.

I absolutely love this and so hope my lady approves making this permanent.

Lie par coeur, meaning bound by heart truly fits my lady and my relationship. We are truly bound by heart and im honored to be her submissive sissy bitch.

As my Lady got done writing she told me to plug my asspussy and to blog what i am anticipating tonight.

I am now double plugged, hoping my lady smiles when she sees her bytch’s  pussy double stuffed once again proving that im a very slutty bytch hehe

I am addicted to my Lady touches my body. Just feeling her hands on my bitch tits gives goosebumps from my toes to my plugged asspussy to my locked clitty to my tits and nipples.

This wakes Allies hunger to submit to my Lady and i cant get enough!

As i sir writing this i see my beautiful lady sitting next to me her smooth sexy legs big luscious tits with big sensive nipples i also see she has her strapon 

I am anticipating riding my Ladys strapon as i lie on my back, legs wrapped around her as we lick and abuse each others tits like the slutty bytches we both truly are

I also anticipate more tit abuse from my Lady, i love how gentle she is amd then licking and slapping my tits and then biting my nipples sending me to pure sissybytch bliss carrying on sounding like a bitch should

I anticipate burying my face in my Ladys beautiful pussy, grinding on my face and hoping she sprays her squirt down my throat and and allover my face, another symbol of my devotion as her bytch.

Summer of femiminity




This summer has been a summer of more discovery of how much i love being my ladys bitch and how much  i love putting makeup on, and get it my girly clothes.

While still not able to dress 100% due to work, summer family visits and weekly kid supper visits, im now able to come home and get myself girly after work and every weekend. Id say 75% of the time.

I find myself going to the store with makeup on, short shorts and all different types of ladys tops showing my tits and nipples poking thru.

Years ago i could never have done this but ive found the more i unlock my true self, the more i truly dont care who sees me and have noticed peoples reactions in public as well as having several coworkers and friends fush for more about me with comments about toenail polish, non hairy legs, tits and even if i am wearing makeup. My lady even thinks most of her family has figured out im her sissybitch!

I would have went into hiding before, but now know that yes, i am  a sissybitch who loves dolling up and showing off her assets and serve my beautiful lady and continue becoming the best fem sissybitch possible. Knowing this not only keeps me on my journey it feeds my confidence as well as a mindset of…(i am who and what i am, deal with it or get away from me).

My lady finds this very hot and has increased her fuckings of my sissy pussy with her strapon fist and huge dildoes as well as even more use and abuse of my tits and nipples. My clitty continuously drips and leaks, leaving my panties soaked and wet spots…my lady sees this and nearly orgasms from it. Seeing her reactions makes me want more of all of the above plus stokes my fires and need of black men.

We met with a gorgeous black mana few weeks ago. We double teamed his cock balls and ass. I lubed my ladys ass with my tongue and licked his balls and ass while he fucked her ass, cleaning his gorgeous cock after he filled ladys ass and cleaning ladys ass as well.

He was on a time limit and didnt get to breed my ass, but are getting ready to plan another meeting. If we cant get a date soon i will see if the other couple black men ive discovereed in the mlps area recently are available. My goal is to get 2-3 black men together with my lady and i and let them have at me and my lady. I absolutely love serving black men with her and getting bred while she watches takes pics or vid

So true! I started chastity around the time i began being bred by bbc and learned to have multiple sissygasms. This along with my ladies titwork and a few herbs daily had me craving sissygasms by penetration of my asspussy by bbc strapons dildoes and fists…3 years later ive fully embraced being a fem sissy slut, the fake male ego fucked out of me, replaced by full 38c tits, curves in all the right places, soft feminine touch thoughts and mannerisms AND a need to submit to real men and all black men.
My asspussy was made to be bred by all black men mouth made to suck all alpha cock. I am a sissy bitch whore and im blessed!





Lady Cyns Bitch

There hasnt been a winter in my 47 years that has been as dynamic and liberating as this past one.

I am blessed to have my beautiful Lady Cyn as my Mistress and altho she is learning the ins and outs of both the mistress/sissybitch lifestyle and the black cock slut life, she has brought so many revelations to both of us and has taken me from a hesitant slut stuck in between being a white malewith ego  and a calm sultry vixen bitch, to a confident sissybitch vixen who with Ladys persistent  regimine of titwork, asspussy training, chastity and most importantly has communication and understanding has fully embraced being the submissive sissybitch i always was meant to be.

She is a natural and doesnt realize fully yet but knows and feels herself embracing her true self as well.

I am both proud and honored to be her bitch. Being in chastity and plugged for weeks at a time has added a new dimension as well and the combonation of all is truly astounding.

i have been trained to have multiple sissygasms by titwork or penetration of asspussy by Ladys fist, huge dildoes and black cocks and have unlocked my true sub nature along with the kinky vixen inside while watching all societal brainwashing  and masculine bravidity be replaced with soft feminine feelings and wants and am truly blessed to serve as my Ladys lesbian bitch,personal pussylapper, squirt drinker and canvas to spray her essense on and so much more…in other words i am HER BITCH.

My Lady also knows that i will never serve another female other than her because im a sissy who loves sucking cock and giving my asspussy to black men. Being locked whille serving black men together shows them that i am her bitch, her sissy and her love. It also shows the black men that i am a sissybitch whose only sex parts are a mouth and asspussy to be penetrated and used for pleasure.

When Lady sends me to the abs to suck cock im also locked and plugged. This is symbolic of her being with me and i swear she talks to me and tells me to take those cocks and loads like a good sissybitch.

When i arrive back home she has me tell her details and then uses her pussylapper to get her off til she sprays her essence down my throat and all over my body…tits and asspussy too…washing away any dried cum from the men who used me earlier and remarking me as Lady Cyns Bitch…my true place!

this brings body goosebumps and a truly blessed and honored Bitch

Lufe has never been better…I hope she reads this cuz im complete for first time in my life…thank you my beautiful lady