24/7 fem housebitch…!

Its been another crazy few months since ive wrote, between the busy holiday season with family coming and going, winter setting in and life in general, ive not been able to update as ive wanted to. Im happy to say this will be changing❤️🦄

After 8 years at my employment, i was unceremoniously releived of my duties. Im thinking that it most likely due to rumors about me and my ever changing “look” as well. I felt it coming thru the holidays, so it wasnt a shock at all. Turns out it was another blessing.

The job was a very masculine manly job and i had been wanting to find something more feminine and less demanding anyway and was able to have a bit of cushion to do just that. As ive looked for the past 2-3 weeks, ive also got to be the housebitch, cooking and cleaning around the house and almost immediately found myself living 24/7 in my girly clothes, putting makeup on to  leave the house to run errands etc and greet my lady when she got home each day.

After the first week both my lady and i agreed that i should look for a more fem parttime job and work partime at home and eventually work from home if possible and be 24/7 housebitch. Each day my lady makes sure that im licked and plugged before leaving for work. Complete and utter clarity, feminity and yes an even deeper submission have replaced another of the last pieces of “masculinity” residing in my mind. All i can say is good riddance!!

Im now focusing on letting my femininity fully blossom 100%, doing this has led to future opportunities to mentor sissies struggling to embrace their true selves, my  submissive nature, my ladies own blossoming as a Mistress/slut, as well as a full and complete understanding that im a true shemale, sissy or 3rd gender as i call it.

Accepting my sexuality, has made me more caring, stable loving and more in everyday life and is a true blessing…and i havent even touched on the complete full body sissygasms im able to have, for now ill just say this…there isnt enough money in the world to make me go back to the fake facade so called man society tried to make me be or to the “manly” orgasms…sorry society but ill take the sexy soft pussified sissy slut thats cock has been turned into a clit and has a “pussy” that NEEDS penetrated and the sissy thats tits and pussy look like feel like and respond just like a genetic females do.

Next time, its all bout sissygasms, being bitched by my lady and serving her,my huge toys, black men and my cravings for my ladys squirt, cocks and cum



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