Alliej’s Saturday night bitching

My lady has begun my saturday night bitching.

I absolutely love this and so hope my lady approves making this permanent.

Lie par coeur, meaning bound by heart truly fits my lady and my relationship. We are truly bound by heart and im honored to be her submissive sissy bitch.

As my Lady got done writing she told me to plug my asspussy and to blog what i am anticipating tonight.

I am now double plugged, hoping my lady smiles when she sees her bytch’s  pussy double stuffed once again proving that im a very slutty bytch hehe

I am addicted to my Lady touches my body. Just feeling her hands on my bitch tits gives goosebumps from my toes to my plugged asspussy to my locked clitty to my tits and nipples.

This wakes Allies hunger to submit to my Lady and i cant get enough!

As i sir writing this i see my beautiful lady sitting next to me her smooth sexy legs big luscious tits with big sensive nipples i also see she has her strapon 

I am anticipating riding my Ladys strapon as i lie on my back, legs wrapped around her as we lick and abuse each others tits like the slutty bytches we both truly are

I also anticipate more tit abuse from my Lady, i love how gentle she is amd then licking and slapping my tits and then biting my nipples sending me to pure sissybytch bliss carrying on sounding like a bitch should

I anticipate burying my face in my Ladys beautiful pussy, grinding on my face and hoping she sprays her squirt down my throat and and allover my face, another symbol of my devotion as her bytch.


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