Lady Cyns Bitch

There hasnt been a winter in my 47 years that has been as dynamic and liberating as this past one.

I am blessed to have my beautiful Lady Cyn as my Mistress and altho she is learning the ins and outs of both the mistress/sissybitch lifestyle and the black cock slut life, she has brought so many revelations to both of us and has taken me from a hesitant slut stuck in between being a white malewith ego  and a calm sultry vixen bitch, to a confident sissybitch vixen who with Ladys persistent  regimine of titwork, asspussy training, chastity and most importantly has communication and understanding has fully embraced being the submissive sissybitch i always was meant to be.

She is a natural and doesnt realize fully yet but knows and feels herself embracing her true self as well.

I am both proud and honored to be her bitch. Being in chastity and plugged for weeks at a time has added a new dimension as well and the combonation of all is truly astounding.

i have been trained to have multiple sissygasms by titwork or penetration of asspussy by Ladys fist, huge dildoes and black cocks and have unlocked my true sub nature along with the kinky vixen inside while watching all societal brainwashing  and masculine bravidity be replaced with soft feminine feelings and wants and am truly blessed to serve as my Ladys lesbian bitch,personal pussylapper, squirt drinker and canvas to spray her essense on and so much more…in other words i am HER BITCH.

My Lady also knows that i will never serve another female other than her because im a sissy who loves sucking cock and giving my asspussy to black men. Being locked whille serving black men together shows them that i am her bitch, her sissy and her love. It also shows the black men that i am a sissybitch whose only sex parts are a mouth and asspussy to be penetrated and used for pleasure.

When Lady sends me to the abs to suck cock im also locked and plugged. This is symbolic of her being with me and i swear she talks to me and tells me to take those cocks and loads like a good sissybitch.

When i arrive back home she has me tell her details and then uses her pussylapper to get her off til she sprays her essence down my throat and all over my body…tits and asspussy too…washing away any dried cum from the men who used me earlier and remarking me as Lady Cyns Bitch…my true place!

this brings body goosebumps and a truly blessed and honored Bitch

Lufe has never been better…I hope she reads this cuz im complete for first time in my life…thank you my beautiful lady