Intense Urges Now Continuous…

Been awhile since posting. Gonna make posting a top priority and will be posting my thoughts and naughty activities, hopefully 2-3 times a week.

Today I will blog about it seems the more that my lady bitches me, the more my NEEDto be used by men intensifies.

Lady and I have a chat every couple of weeks about how we feel about my training, our thoughts, ideas and anything else we’d like to share since the last chat. Communication is KEY to stay on the same page for us and both are able to be 100% truthful to each other no matter what the subject is.

This weeks chat ended up centering on my urges to be used by men and if they had changed as the wife has continued my sissification and feminization.

I told her that it seems my urges have kept getting more intense the further I go down the rabbit hole of sissy hood. Lady’s ears perked up right away and she wanted to hear more.

I eagerly told her that my thoughts were becoming intense enough that I felt I needed at least a day/night a week to make myself available to real men who needed a sissy faggot to use. When I told her this lady just giggled and said that she could tell that my urges had intensified lately because my squealing had intensified whenever she talked about cock and cum while training me.

Lady told me to feel free to set up playtimes with anyone I liked and that we would continue the chat in a couple days and I could tell her what I’d found. I felt my nipples harden and pussy throb immediately, the telltale signs that cock has taken over my mind, as well as a sign that lady is really coming to embrace the fact that her “husband” has truly become a gay bitch for men😊

It really has become that obvious and I am so so happy to have gotten to this place and blessed to have a lady accept me as the cockbitch I’ve become. Today I’ll be placing an ad for weekend play at various sites, before I do that tho, I am off to the local park to see if anyone is there needing a blowjob over lunch hour. 😊

Will also blog about my lunchtime stroll once I return

So hungry for cock

Alliej Stretches her Sissypussy 2019

I remember when a guy I used to suck off in his van brought me this dildo one night 7-8 years ago.

This guy knew who and what I was clear back then, looking back, I see the crumbs he left for me which helped me to embrace my true self.

Anyways, that’s another story for another time.

This post is about me and my love of riding my huge dildo, training my sissy pussy to take huge dildoes and cocks, accepting my sissy pussy as one of 2 sex organs (my tits are the other) and forsaking all masculinity and loving being feminine and having a clitty that stays limp and drips sissy juice constantly.

My liberation is here and I truly love being a big titted, big holed cock loving sissy!

I hope u enjoy my vid and pics

Not a man, but a true pussy

Been way too long since i last posted. As a sissy, i need to journal at least 3 times a week, to document my slutty activities and such.

My happiness and sluttyness go hand in hand, as does my full realization that im NOT a man in any way shape or form, never was and never wanted to be.

Ive loved cock since i was 9 years old, ill never forget tasting my schoolmates big brothers cock, looking back it felt so natural on my knees even then.

In hindside ive been a cockloving pussy ever since, blowing my step brother, 2 hs football teammates, becoming an adult bookstore/park slut at 18, blowing my ex father inlaw and his buddy for years.

Oh i denied loving cock for years, only to end up back at the park or abs gagging on cock and taking facials.

My ex knew i sucked cock occasionally, but didnt know i was at the abs 3-4 days a week, sometimes 2-3 times a day. She was a whore herself and when shed fuck, id go suck cock.

After several years my ex dressed me and i called a buddy to come feed me. I couldnt beleive she was watching me suck cock…after he came down my throat she giggled and said..”you suck cock like a girl, so u shall be trained to become a femmed sissy”.

She swore she wanted a sissy and i loved the idea..i continued going to the abs , eventually nearly every night and brought home a black stud who fucked me bareback in front of her, this began my love of black men. He liked my ass and would meet me at the park to fuck me 1-2 times a week and shortly after being used by 2 of the exes black men she repented and divorced…after showing her family video of me being a bitch for her bbcs.

It was rough raising a kid while i continued my developement to full fledged cockwhore, id meet guys at the abs, parks and even in my apt parkinglot. The guy would come feed me his cock and kept telling me to embrace being a faggot, buying me huge dildoes, slutty outfits and such til moving away.

My kid was then in highschool so i had more time to slut for cock, driving to minneapolis to meet black men every weekend and had given up on women, til i met a lady whom saw my fetlife pics. I admitted to being a sissyfag for cock and she said shed continue femming me if i taught her how to deepthroat,

This was 8 years ago, i now have big tits, a womans body, am locked and plugged nearly 24/7. She is my lesbian fag hag and im her bitch. I fist and eat her cunt drink her squirt and she has trained me to have multiple sissygasms from intense tit play and penetration of my sissy pussy. My clitty stays limp and leaks and im still an abs/park and bbc whore.

Other than my lesbian sex w my lady im gayer than gay and adore black cock, alpha cock and anonymous cock as well. Ive been outed by coworkers, ladys coworkers and am getting a rep as a great piece of sissy ass in town and never been happier!

I know my place is serving my lady and all cock im offered and cant get enough!

24/7 fem housebitch…!

Its been another crazy few months since ive wrote, between the busy holiday season with family coming and going, winter setting in and life in general, ive not been able to update as ive wanted to. Im happy to say this will be changing❤️🦄

After 8 years at my employment, i was unceremoniously releived of my duties. Im thinking that it most likely due to rumors about me and my ever changing “look” as well. I felt it coming thru the holidays, so it wasnt a shock at all. Turns out it was another blessing.

The job was a very masculine manly job and i had been wanting to find something more feminine and less demanding anyway and was able to have a bit of cushion to do just that. As ive looked for the past 2-3 weeks, ive also got to be the housebitch, cooking and cleaning around the house and almost immediately found myself living 24/7 in my girly clothes, putting makeup on to  leave the house to run errands etc and greet my lady when she got home each day.

After the first week both my lady and i agreed that i should look for a more fem parttime job and work partime at home and eventually work from home if possible and be 24/7 housebitch. Each day my lady makes sure that im licked and plugged before leaving for work. Complete and utter clarity, feminity and yes an even deeper submission have replaced another of the last pieces of “masculinity” residing in my mind. All i can say is good riddance!!

Im now focusing on letting my femininity fully blossom 100%, doing this has led to future opportunities to mentor sissies struggling to embrace their true selves, my  submissive nature, my ladies own blossoming as a Mistress/slut, as well as a full and complete understanding that im a true shemale, sissy or 3rd gender as i call it.

Accepting my sexuality, has made me more caring, stable loving and more in everyday life and is a true blessing…and i havent even touched on the complete full body sissygasms im able to have, for now ill just say this…there isnt enough money in the world to make me go back to the fake facade so called man society tried to make me be or to the “manly” orgasms…sorry society but ill take the sexy soft pussified sissy slut thats cock has been turned into a clit and has a “pussy” that NEEDS penetrated and the sissy thats tits and pussy look like feel like and respond just like a genetic females do.

Next time, its all bout sissygasms, being bitched by my lady and serving her,my huge toys, black men and my cravings for my ladys squirt, cocks and cum


Sissygasms, 97 second bjs and more sissification

I keep going down the rabbithole of pure femininity and i just love it!

Ive found that when i cannot relax late at night and my lady is resting, i can get my big black dildo out and ride til i have multiple yummy sissygasms as my clitty drips constantly til i squirt sissyjuice very em

My lady also let me leave to give a guy head and i got him off in 97 seconds…i love being able to get guys off quick but 97 seconds, is barely worth it…im not even warmed up yet lol

My lady also fucked me real good and made my eyes roll in back of head last weekend. Gotta say that i dont miss male orgasms at all and the more sissygasms i have the more pussified i feel and im loving that as well!

We are out of town this weekend and my lady is on her monthly😪, so im not able to eat her luscious pussy..without that it seems my thoughts turn to wanting to suck cock for her and especially get my asspussy fucked while she watches/vids.

Id love to find a blackman to put me thru the paces as she watches/vids and tells him to use her bytch ending with me milking his cock and being bred by him.

If that fails maybe i will see if i can put feelers out for the abs and suck a few cocks while she shops. I love telling her about it while reeking of cock and cum.

I think ill get tits out and chat a bit w her n see what she will allow. All week ive had dreams of being fucked in front of her…

To b continued…