Deeper down the rabbithole

img_1258Mature, kinky and very submissive sissy bitch, former masculine closet adult bookstore slut, who has finally fully embraced the wanton feminine slut thats been inside for decades.

Its been one crazy journey, with several purges, denials, a divorce, being outed as a fag to ex inlaws and more. Thinking back on everything, all the trials and tribulations were worth i embraced and accepted my place as a submissive sissy who serves and adores her lady in training, black men and alpha males.

Its both an honor and blessing to be able to submit, serve and do what i was born to do without any guilt or hesitation.

I look forward to sharing my experiences thoughts and of course slutty activities with fellow sissies, alpha men, mistresses and of course those bbc


2 thoughts on “Deeper down the rabbithole

  1. Congratulations, it’s good to here you found your true purpose in life. Some take longer than others but at least you have finally arrived. The only thing left is to be the best sissy possible. “SM”


    1. Thank you so much! Yes i agree 100 percent. Its an honor to accept my true place and self a real blessing.
      I am continuing my feminization til all remnants of former male are gone. Imlocked and plugged nearly 24/7 and have been living as a bitch 24/7 the past couple weeks and have no plans to stop.
      Its truly all about becomming more sissified daily as well as serving any and all cock im offered

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